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Aquatics by Julian

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Tank Paradise

Information I have gathered and my personal experiences on the hobby of aquatics: fish, plants, and invertebrates.

Aquatic Updates:

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04-04-07 I have updated the "My Tanks" section with new pictures of my 55g tank and my RES turtle inside of the tank.

03-29-07 I have added a new page to the site called the "Miscellaneous Page". It's a fun site so check it out. Along with this new page I added a nice video of the evolution of my RCS Tank so check it out!

03-23-07 The major construction on the site is finished! If you have any questions regarding fish, plants, and/or invertebrates please send them to me! My information is in the "Contact me" page which is on the navigation bar to your left. I want to make a page where I answer your questions so that others won't ask the same ones and will be better informed. So if you want to make it to the Q&A page ask away !


Visit the 'Contact Me' page on the Navigation Bar to the left if you would like to ask me a question or comment on something :-) Thank You.

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